Posted by: Tamara Harrison | June 7, 2011

A fall-to-your-knees kinda Love

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May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully” (Ephesians 3:19)

Yesterday I was challenged to read Ephesians 3:14-21 every single day for 30 days straight. Why? To experience God’s love more fully. The radio preacher I was listening to was Charles Stanley (by the way, my father-in-law came to Christ through this man’s preaching!!) and he told his listeners to ask God to reveal His love to them while reading these powerful verses. Since I got saved 3 years ago I have been prone to thinking I need to earn God’s love; it’s hard for me to understand how He could love me so unconditionally despite my failing and rejecting Him so so often.

So I jumped at this challenge. It’s only day 2 but it’s amazing how God has opened my eyes to see His love all around me. Even as I was driving around town in 90 degree heat and rush hour traffic, I was reminded of God’s love everywhere—from the sweet text message from my husband at just the right time to the car in front of me that stopped long enough so I could read the street sign and find out where I was going. Mundane, everyday things, I know, but suddenly the little things I usually take for granted became strong reminders that God indeed is with me and loves me so much that He wants to show His love to me, if only I’ll ask.

My day ended with talking to a dear friend, who had asked me out for coffee and started explaining something spiritual that I had been struggling to understand for years. God. Loves. Me.

Paul starts out the passage by saying that when he thinks about God’s love he falls to his knees. This is a man who understands the love of God so much that it knocks him over at the very thought of it. How different would our everyday lives be if we understood the love of God? Just ask Him to reveal it to you and read this passage everyday with me. I can promise you He will show you His love in an amazing way.



  1. U r so awesome and on fire for God. Thank u for your Blogs

    • It’s a day by day, moment-by-moment walk! I pray for the passion to serve Him and I pray it increases the more I know Him! Your so sweet for your kind words. Bless you, Sonia

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