Posted by: Tamara Harrison | June 7, 2011

Jealousy’s Ugly Roar

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A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; jealousy is like cancer in the bones {Proverbs 14:30}

Well, we all just experienced the Royal Wedding plaguing our screens and creeping its way into the mouths and minds of people everywhere. Sitting outside of starbucks I heard almost every table around me speaking of the event. And then it came. Jealousy. What was I to be jealous of? I have a wonderful husband and a life showered with abundant grace. But so often I find that feeling creeping up inside of me, that feeling that tells me I don’t have all that I should, that I want more. I think it goes back to the Fall. Eve was tempted by satan when he told her she couldn’t eat of the fruit of ANY tree in the garden. I hope you caught what just happened. Satan completely deceived her! Telling her she couldn’t have the fruit of any tree was a complete lie. And although Eve caught the lie, she was still deceived in her heart. She bought into the lie that God was keeping something good from her. And you know what happened after that.

So often we experience the exact same thing. We are not immune from the deceptive lies of satan… “you’re not good enough, pretty enough, successful enough” etc.

If God is sovereign in my life He has put me in the right place right now. He knows exactly what I need and what I don’t, all in order to make me grow. If He had made my life differently or let me live how I think I should live, I may not even know Him today. For example, if He had made me with the beauty and body of a super model I would struggle more with pride and most likely have succumbed to the lusts of men around me before God saved me. God in His sovereignty knew I am too weak for such temptation and in His wisdom, He made me exactly how He wanted me.

Because I can trust in His sovereignty I am FREE to rejoice in what I have and in what I don’t have. This frees me to be happy for others and the gifts God has given them to mould their lives. I am not equipped for the life God has given anyone else.

Covetousness will ALWAYS leve me empty but finding the truth in God’s sovereign plan for me will set me free and give me peace. Don’t believe the lie that you’re missing out on something in life. God is too wise to let us have whatever we want and too good to keep us from what we need. Rejoice in that and see satan’s deceit disappear.


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