Posted by: Tamara Harrison | June 7, 2011

Let Go.

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“Remember what happened to Lot’s wife! If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it.” Luke 17:32-33

Lot’s wife was killed because she wanted the pleasure of sin she was commanded to leave-she loved her lifestyle. She was consumed and controlled by it. Her mind and her heart were attached to it. She did not let go of her life, she held onto it tightly.

Lot’s wife wanted to pick and choose what she could and could not have in her life. I believe that she wanted to follow God but she strongly desired to still have the pleasures of Sodom, and that’s what killed her.

God is calling me to let go. Let go of my misled desires and the life I think I want. Let go and cast it into God’s hands. My life is His. He controls it and is using it for His purpose and my good.

The verse above gives me the best reason for wanting to let go of my life: if I don’t, I will lose it. The word “lose” in the Greek means to destroy fully. If I decide to cling onto my life and control it, my life is pretty much dead.

Think about it. God’s commands are meant for our good, they’re not meant to make our lives miserable. I know from experience that following God’s commands leads to peace and freedom. If I let my mind and heart flirt with temptation, sinful actions will be the result. And when that sin keeps growing, the result is deadly. That’s what it means to lose my life.

When I think of what God saved me from it makes me shudder. I was a borderline alcoholic, drinking to somehow ease the hurts I was going through and making stupid, life-threatening decisions while doing it. One drink turned into ten and drinking turned into drugs and drugs turned into many life-threatening situations.

God was so gracious to protect me and extend His saving grace to me but when I finally said “yes” to God, I had to say “no” to my lifestyle. Like Lot’s wife, I was told to leave. And like Lot’s wife, I am so prone to looking back.

It’s amazing how Satan highlights the “fun” parts of my old lifestyle with a bright yellow marker while erasing the deadly, miserable parts. I must not give in to this deception and I must continually be washing my mind with God’s word. I can’t be trying to grasp at my old life because if I look at the temptation through the lens of God’s word I can see that it’s trying to get me to cling on to my life, trying to get me to do life my way and not God’s way.

So what is God’s way? Letting go. The Bible says if I let go of my life and give it back to God to control, I will save it. In the Greek, the word “save” means to “produce life” or to “rescue”!

Releasing my white-knuckled grasp on my life and giving it back to the One who created and sustains it will enable me to have real life. I will be rescued from the destruction that occurs when I try to control my life and I will experience true life from the Life-Giver Himself: Peace. Joy. Stability.

What about you? Are you still holding on to this world with everything you’ve got? Maybe you’re trying so hard to control your career by working overtime and neglecting the more important priorities. Maybe you’re trying to control your life through food: overeating to comfort yourself or starving yourself to control your image. Maybe it’s salvation itself. You know deep down that there’s a God who loves you, who sent His Son to die for you, and who wants to give you new life but you’re too scared about what you’ll have to give up to follow Him.

Whatever the case, please, please read these words as truth: Nothing you can hold on to will ever compare to what you will gain in Christ. Just let go. Let go of your life and allow God to give you the abundant life He died for you to have. I promise you, you won’t regret it. There’s freedom in letting go. Will you let go today?


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