Posted by: Tamara Harrison | July 11, 2011

Wonderfully Indwelt

I started yesterday’s post by saying that we are fearfully made. Our bodies are designed by God in an act of holiness and love. What a thought.

Today I want to talk about how we are the Temple of God. Our bodies are His very own dwelling place if we have placed our faith in Jesus.

Before Jesus came, the presence of God could be found in a physical, man-made Temple. God gave Moses instructions to build a tabernacle, one that could be lifted in order to be with the people as they traveled.  This tabernacle was stunning. It was built from only the finest materials and adorned with the most beautiful decor. God required that His dwelling place be the finest that man could make. Once it was created, the Bible says that “the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle” (Exodus 40:34).

Some time later, King Solomon was given the task to build a Temple for God. Again, the Temple was made from the finest materials and adorned with the finest gold, gems, and linen. Nothing was too expensive or too valuable for God’s Temple. And again, “the glory of the Lord filled his temple” (1 Kings 8:11).

A group of people who did not follow God attempted to destroy this Temple and succeeded. Even after God’s people rebuilt it, the Romans demolished it in 70AD.

What sorrow this must have caused God’s people, as they mourned over the loss of the Temple of God. However, today we have no cause for sorrow, because God made a way for His presence to dwell within a Temple once again.

That Temple is YOU.

Think about this awesome thought: God never dwelt in anything less than amazing in the past.

Look at His requirements for His dwelling place, think about the value of the materials God demanded to be used to build His home. Think about the quality and beauty of the adornments He required to be used for His Temple. And realize that YOU are just as valuable as that extravagant Temple adorned with gold. God has never chosen to dwell in “trash”. He lives in nothing less than extraordinary. He’s chosen to make your body into His Temple.

Begin to see your body for the value it is and consider the priceless value it contains. It contains the Spirit of God, so we have to treat it as such! Stuffing it with trash or abusing it in self-destruction is not the way we’re to treat God’s dwelling place.

He chose to indwell you when you put your faith in Him. When you asked Him to be Lord of your life His Spirit began a transforming process from the inside out. God is rebuilding you, making you more and more like His Son everyday. Do you see how precious and beautiful you are to God? He is doing a stunning and extravagant work in you. One more valuable that all the gold in the world.

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  1. What a wonderful way to view God’s Holy Temple. I will pray to remember I am trully precious in His sight and that the choices I make and the things I do are far more serious than i can see from my own little selfish prospective!
    May God remind me who I am in Christ today!

    • Amen!! I always act like I can do whatever I want with my body, so this is my prayer too!

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